Brian Sager Endorsed by Farm Team PAC and Rep. Lauren Underwood


Congresswoman Lauren Underwood said, "Dr. Brian Sager has provided honest, respectful leadership as Woodstock's mayor -- we need more leaders like Brian in Springfield to move Illinois forward. He will prioritize reforming our state ethics laws to make sure that our public servants serve the people, not themselves, at a time when we desperately need to restore trust in government. I'm proud to endorse Dr. Brain Sager to represent Illinois' 63rd District."

Brian Sager Endorsed by IL Senator Dick Durbin

Brian Endorsement 12

Throughout his years in Congress, Senator Durbin has worked hard to advocate the state's views on national issues while lobbying for federal support for local initiatives. Now, he endorses Brian Sager for the IL State House of Representatives.

Brian Sager Endorsed by Northwest Herald

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"...[W]e know that Sager has a long track record of being a dependable public servant, from transportation boards to the state fair to his time as a professor and then acting president at McHenry County College to his work on the McHenry County Council of Governments and the McHenry County Mayor’s Caucus.

Sager's political work dates back to starting out as Far East Trade Representative in the State of Illinois Hong Kong Office under former Governor Jim Thompson, a Republican, from 1977-1979.

He's a proven leader, he's dependable and we endorse Sager."

Brian Sager Endorsed by Daily Herald

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"Four-term Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager wants to take his message of social progressivism and financial conservatism to Springfield....

The 63rd House District extends to the Wisconsin border and includes Woodstock, Harvard, Marengo, McHenry, Wonder Lake and a portion of Huntley.

Sager is endorsed."

Brian Sager Endorsed by Stand for Children Illinois


Stand for Children supports candidates committed to fighting for an equitable public education system which gives all students a fair chance to succeed. We look for education champions of integrity who are bold, substantive, and solutions-oriented – leaders who move the needle forward for the next generation and dismantle the systemic barriers shackling too many.

Brian Sager Endorsed by Citizen Action Illinois

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Citizen Action/Illinois is the state's largest public interest organization. Building on over a decade of experience, Citizen Action/Illinois is a key player in the fight for social and economic justice at the state and national levels.

Brian Sager Endorsed by Illinois Retired Teachers Association


As the voice of Illinois’s retired educators, the Illinois Retired Teachers Association (IRTA) defends pension and healthcare protection via its lobbying efforts, advocates for retirees, provides group rate dental and vision insurance among other benefits, and provides travel and entertainment options for its members.

Brian Sager Endorsed by Sierra Club

Sierra Club illinois

Founded in 1892, Sierra Club is committed to protection of wild places, natural resources, and environmental education in northern and northwest Illinois.

Brian Sager Endorsed by National Organization for Women

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NOW is the largest, most comprehensive feminist advocacy group in the United States. Our purpose is to TAKE ACTION to bring women into full particpation in society – sharing equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities with men, while living free from discrimination.

Brian Sager Endorsed by McHenry County Building and Construction Trades

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Brian Sager Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

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The PPIA Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood Illinois Action (PPIA), the non-partisan political and advocacy arm of Planned Parenthood of Illinois, is proud to announce its endorsements for the 2020 General Election.

Candidates were selected based on their reproductive health care policies and commitment to protecting the health and rights of Illinoisans.

Brian Sager Endorsed by Illinois AFL-CIO

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Endorsement recommendations are voted on by the statewide Committee on Political Education (COPE), made up of representatives from all affiliated unions, statewide councils and regional AFL-CIO organizations. This ensures that the full diversity of the labor movement and regional diversity of Illinois is reflected in the process.  The Illinois AFL-CIO Executive Board reviews and votes on final endorsements. The Illinois AFL-CIO Political Department seeks to educate, engage and mobilize the more than two million people from union families on issues, candidates and policies. 

Brian Sager Endorsed by Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Sun Times

Sager, a fiscal conservative, is the smart pick to go against an incumbent Republican in November.

Brian Sager Endorsed by Equality Illinois

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Equality Illinois proudly endorses the following candidates for the Illinois Primary Election on March 17, 2020, including Brian Sager.

Endorsements are based on both returned questionnaires and voting records.

Brian Sager Endorsed by the Illinois Federation of Teachers

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Today, the Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) proudly announced endorsements for the March 2020 primary, which include federal, local, and judicial contests.

The IFT’s endorsements come after months of extensively vetting candidates and gathering member input. The union’s multi-step process includes surveying candidates on a variety of important issues, regional discussions open to all IFT members in the candidate’s community, and final consideration by the 40 elected members of our statewide Executive Board, which represents our union’s multiple constituencies and diverse membership. These endorsements reflect the results of that robust, democratic process.

Brian Sager Endorsed by Personal PAC

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Your voting for only these pro-choice candidates will hasten the day when Illinois protects the reproductive health care of ALL women regardless of zip code, age or source of health insurance coverage.

Mayor Brian Sager Plans Campaign for State Legislature

Woodstock Independent

When he ran for a fourth term as mayor of Woodstock, Brian Sager announced it would be his last. Now he has announced what’s next.

Sager told The Independenthe would campaign as a Democrat for the 63rd District seat in the Illinois Legislature, now held by two-term Republican Steve Reick.

Creekside Middle School Robotics Team proposes making Woodstock parks more accessible

Northwest Herald

Creekside Middle School’s P.A.R.K. First League Lego Robotics team members presented their ideas on accessibility in city parks to Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager on Monday afternoon.

Brian Sager, Illinois House 63rd District Democratic candidate profile

Chicago Sun Times

His priorities include economic growth, job creation and full restoration of local government distributive funds.